Who needs a personal stylist?

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At one time a personal stylist was thought of only for the likes of Hollywood film stars and media personalities, but with the rise in popularity of TV stylists like Trinny & Susannah in the 90’s and more recently the very influential Gok Wan and Nicky Hambleton-Jones, more and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of such a service.

It’s now seen as not a luxury indulgence but an essential investment to some.


If you think about it we’ve all received some kind of personal styling at one time or another, whether it was from a close trusted friend whose look you admired or from the sales consultant in your favourite boutique or store. But a professional personal stylist will take it to the next level, carefully taking into consideration everything from your body shape and colouring to your lifestyle, career and personality.

A good stylist will have experience in many different areas and not just in fashion. with creativity and accumulation of knowledge they can help you find a style that suits you, edit your wardrobe- , boost your confidence and save you money in the long run.

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I’m sure we all agree with the fact, that the clothes we wear make a such difference to our confidence and well being, but if you’re not sure of your style and image how do you get that right. When, for example you want to project that all important first impression at an interview or networking.


Maybe there is a special event in your life coming up and you’re just not sure how to even begin to start shopping for it . Often there are times when we just lose our way, maybe we lack some confidence or we feel the clothes in the shops are just not for us.  It’s easy to get stuck in a time warp and continue with the same old look we have had for years… but how ageing and dull is that ! Tailoring current trends to suit you is something that comes naturally to a good stylist and a shopping trip can be turned into a bespoke experience.


There are times when we could all do with our own personal stylist, be honest how many times have you stood peering vaguely into your wardrobe with the thought, I’ve nothing to wear. But still have a wardrobe brimming with items?

Enlist the help of a personal stylist and they will be able to fine-tune the contents of your wardrobe, using items you already have, adding wardrobe basics and investment pieces as well as providing you with tips and advice to redefine your style.

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