Understanding our body shapes

How many of you understand or know what body shape you are?

There is the typical pear shape 

Par shapeWith fuller hips and smaller shoulders…often the traditional British woman 

And then there is the wedge or V shape 


v shape


so she will have larger shoulders, smaller hips

The ideal is the Hour Glass 


As you can see she has the similar measurements on her shoulders and hips…

So why does this matter?

Because once you understand your body shape then you know which styles you should wear and also which ones to avoid.

As a stylist my job is to create a look that balances your shape to look like an hour glass.

 For example if you are a traditional pear shape with much larger hips and smaller narrow shoulders then my job is to not accentuate those hips but to balance the shoulders.

With clever styling…like wearing details on the shoulders or small shoulder pads it will balance her shape. She will look less like a pear shape and so her hips can appear smaller.

Also knowing to avoid full skirts that stick out and peplums will just accentuate the hips, especially if worn with a fitted top (showing the small shoulders).

Some pear shapes are smaller and so this is not always the case.

It’s really clever though… how you can give the illusion with clothes when you know how to do it.

There is so much more I can tell you.

When I do my 1-1 styling sessions I actually draw around you and then you learn about your body shape, scale and porportion

I also explain this at my fab Style Parties.,,,you can hire me to run a workshop for your friends where I share all my top tips! prices from £15 a head

Contact me now for details 🙂

or fire away with any questions …

Janine x

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