Ladies Styling


Hiring a stylist has never been easier. How many times have you purchased items that you never wear? or look in your wardrobe and haven’t a clue what to wear? have a night out planned and panic!

Then let me help. I will help you identify exactly what you should be wearing. We can work together to create a wardrobe that is comfortable, practical, affordable, looks great and makes you feel fab. Once you have this knowledge the rest is easy!  you will know what to wear and it will be so easy to look and feel great!

I can offer a variety of sessions and always work within your budget and make sure it suits your everyday lifestyle. Choose from:

 Personal Styling

 Colour Analysis ( and colour parties)

 Wardrobe detox

 Personal Shopping



I work on a one to one basis or I am happy to do group sessions (girls nights or couples),

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Wardrobe Detox for Women

I will come to your home and together we will create a wardrobe that is functional and make it easy to put outfits together. This is a great process to have done. So many women have their clothes all stuffed into a wardrobe and can never find anything. We can work together to go through your wardrobe and make it work. I can show you how to put things together to suit your shape and what colours work.  This is also a great thing to have done when planning your summer holiday wardrobe, so you know what to pack and what to buy. Also in the Autumn going into Winter so we can plan out your Winter wardrobe. This would then be done again in Spring so that we work together to plan your Summer wardrobe. I try and salvage your items and make them work for you as many women don’t really know what they have.

You will learn how to put different outfits together with ease

Understand what clothes you like to wear and what’s practical with your lifestyle

What fits and looks flattering

You may benefit from a shopping experience after this or combined with this, so that you can understand what clothes are available within your budget and building your wardrobe.  This will also help you get into a routine of selecting the right clothes and knowing where to buy them. It’s about purchasing some key pieces not a whole wardrobe!

This starts at £60 an hour (min 2 hours)

Does your wardrobe look like this


Personal Styling 

This is one my fundamental sessions that I recommend everyone has.

I will identify your body shape, your scale and then we will discuss the correct fit. Once you understand your shape we will discuss all the styles that you should be wearing and what to avoid. This is a real eye opener and my customers rave about this session. You will learn so many important things and then be able to put outfits together with ease. We will discuss things that you bought in the past that never felt quite right, and you will learn why they didn’t feel right and so you never make that mistake again!  Building a fully functional wardrobe after this becomes so easy as we cover:

 Identify your body shape

 Your scale and proportion

 Proper fit

  Identify what you should be wearing and what to avoid

  I will identify key items to build your wardrobe

It’s about purchasing some key pieces not a whole wardrobe!

*I also recommend that colour is done as part of this session and so we can do a packaged price.




Personal Shopping 

I have many ladies who hate shopping!

I can help you shop effectively and in budget. Once we have styled you this part can be easy. I also introduce you to new styles to see what you think. Many women get into the habit of shopping in the same places so my job is to introduce you to some new styles and brands! Most importantly I show you how to shop quickly and effectively. Price starts at £60 hourly



Women’s Colour Analysis

Once you understand the correct colours to wear the results are amazing. It will help you create a really effective wardrobe by using key pieces that work well together.

This is such a popular session as it’s great fun but makes a huge difference to the way you look and feel. You will be amazed how the different shades of colour can make such a difference.

 Full Colour- In depth 1.5 hour consultation to identify your personal                colour chart

Mini Colour – 45 Minutes to idenify key colours

Brighter skin tone and eyes

You will look slimmer and younger

Feel more confident

 Saves you money (you buy less clothes and only purchase key pieces)

Everybody can wear any colour but it’s the shade that makes all the difference.

Try a colour party with your friends….a mini colour analysis each and a great girly afternoon/evening




Colour Analysis for Weddings!

This is an amazing concept to make your wedding extra special.

This is huge in the US. By using colour analysis you ensure that each person has the correct shade to suit them. The shades blend together and make the whole visual impact look totally wow and everyone feels great. This can be done on an individual basis for the Bride, Brides mother or as a group.

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