Men’s styling


Whether you need a revamp of men’s style, or want to inject some colour, boost your confidence, getting some expert help can make all the difference.  Helping you understand how to wear jeans with correct fit, how to wear a suit,  use of fabric and fit is key.  With guys its simple, getting the correct fit is the key to looking great. You don’t have to trawl around the shops either.

Personal Styling

Corporate styling, everyday advice, Black tie event, wedding or special occasion

 Learn to add a bit of colour

 personal shopping


With some basic styling tips I can help you re define your own style .I will show you what works and doesn’t work so that you can easily pull together an outfit that suits you. It’s about YOUR style, personality, lifestyle and budget.

I can also show you that shopping can be fun, quick and easy. Once you know what to buy and where to buy it. I make sure that my sessions are fun and relaxed so that you feel comfortable.




Colour Analysis for Men
Understanding the colours that suit you can make a real impact. First impressions really count. This is a full 1.5 hour colour analysis session where we establish not only what colours you look great in but also what colours you should avoid. This is a really popular session for guys for the benefits listed below:

You will look younger (facial shadows disappear)

Features more defined, eyes look brighter

More handsome

More confident

You save money (you will purchase only key items of clothing, so less random purchases)