Styling for the races

Styling for the Races 🙂

Well last week I was lucky enough to go to Glorious Goodwood Ladies Day :0 and yes it was a first for me!

I have never been racing and so this was a really new experience that I really loved. I will be going next year for sure.


It’s such a great social day out, you get to see so many outfits and it’s true people watching, whilst having a glass of bubbly!

Obviously it’s a bonus when you win too! which I am happy to say that I did



What I want to really talk about,  is for all you people who may be going to the races this year or indeed planning for next year, it’s important to plan ahead. As a stylist I saw some really gorgeous outfits, with beautiful dresses and bespoke hats too! We all want to look and feel great. My job is to help you with that.


So one of the first things to think about are the colours

What colours suit you and your skin tone? more importantly what shade suits you. Many of you will see a pink dress on someone and rush out and buy it, because it looked so great on her. Then you get it on and think you look and maybe feel a little washed out.

Take the hot pink dress I wore, with lime green lining. These are both my wow colours, that means that hot pink makes my skin tone and eyes all look vibrant. If you maybe tried the same shade you could look very washed out, therefore it’s important to find your shade of red, blue, pink etc..

I obviously know all my wow colours, like navy, deep yellow..and so I build my outfits around those colours. Once you know your colours its makes shopping easy..you just have blinkers on for your shades..so to speak :).  It means that you don’t buy a dress that makes you look washed out and sits in the wardrobe!

goodwoodThen its important to think about what you want to wear? a dress or even trousers..which are becoming more popular

When deciding on a dress, it’s vital that you know and understand your body shape, so that you get it right.

How many of you have bought a dress, maybe you saw it on someone, loved it..then you try it on, wear it once maybe…then it stays in your wardrobe ..never to be worn..you love it BUT it doesn’t feel right…

There is a reason for that…usually its the shape, cut, fabric and even colour are wrong for YOU.

Once you know for example that you are a pear shape. and you know what styles suit you (flatter ) ..then buying dresses that look AND feel great is so easy.No more mistakes purchases…


If you are a pear shape, which generally means that your hips are wider than your shoulders…..but we can get a small pear and a big pear…I would say, avoid wearing dresses that are stiff fabric and stick out from the waist..as this could really highlight those hips..it could feel uncomfortable…if you go for a soft flowing fabric, this can be avoided. Cut and fabric are key.

I am a v shape, so I have smaller hips, larger shoulders…V shapes often have great shoulders..so we show them off…so dresses that add volume to my hips are great on me ..as are many other styles for a v shape..I would avoid dresses that add volume to my shoulders though….

Knowing this information about your shape, makes your life so much easier.  It’s crazy just seeing something in a magazine and copying it.


Once you have this, the rest is easy..I also help you find that bespoke hat, a dress that’s a little different…we work together to create a look that not only looks great BUT feels great.


Contact me now for styling and colour details

Janine x 07557 818103


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