Spring has Sprung

The sun is out and the spring flowers are everywhere


The sun is trying to stay out and we are all looking forward to those lighter evenings 🙂

The shops are now full of amazing colours…bursts of yellow, blue, orange, pink, green yellow and so much more!





New styles




It can be so exciting but for many of you also very daunting


Many of you will have ventured out and bought some new pieces by now…maybe a new pair of shoes, bag, top or dress…

how many of you got it home and thought…hmm it doesn’t quite feel right? what will it go with?


Will that item sit there in the wardrobe and never be worn? Many of us have done that. It’s crazy how much money we waste on shopping.


It also then makes us feel like we we have nothing to wear! …I am not saying that you all get it wrong all the time. There are quite a few ladies who get it right, they pick the right things and it seems effortless..yes? however there are so many who find it a real chore..what to wear? what to buy? and they panic…maybe you have an event coming up? a weekend away…there are so many challenges.

I know this from talking to my ladies, so many of you struggle with what to wear everyday, what to buy, how to build a wardrobe that works, what should I wear when  I go away…what to travel in, what to wear during the day and so on….there are so many things to think about.

I had a customer last week who was being styled and she was in a panic what to wear everyday, what goes with what, what suits her now she is getting older so she called me in.  We spent a couple of hours together at her home. She has a week away planned for a wedding plus two weddings…before the session she was in a panic how she would do this. After we spent time together she was so excited and happy that she had a clear vision of how to do it 🙂


It’s simple when you know how

Janine x



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