Sorting your wardrobe

How many of you ladies look in your wardrobe and just grab the same old thing, as it’s easy.

Can’t find anything to wear? have a night out planned and panic?

just stick to same old look….

Then why not have a wardrobe detox?

So many of you have a wardrobe like this?

Does your wardrobe look like thisLet me come to your home and we can work together to go through your wardrobe and sort it out. It’s a fun and very refreshing thing to have done. There is no way you can hope to put outfits together or know what to buy if your wardrobe is crammed. I will share my clever styling tips and show you how to make it work.

You will be amazed what you find and what actually goes together. I can show you how to pull things together and give you ideas on colour and style ..specifically for you!

It will save you time and money in the long run.

Call me now or email me for details.

Janine x


My top tip…make sure you put your winter clothes away..maybe in a suitcase. It’s exciting when you get them out again but it allows you to focus on your summer wardrobe 🙂

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