Love your feet

Love your feet….

How much time do spend standing on your feet?pretty toes

A lot…. all day…too long….!! I am assuming?

so when was the last time you made an effort to pamper your feet and give them some TLC?


In this glorious weather we all want to live in our flip flops and cute sandals, therefore it’s important to make sure your feet look good.

Not everyone can afford a pedicure but you can still achieve a great result on a budget at home.

It’s important to make sure that you remove the hard skin that builds up around the heel area and moisturise your feet regularly. Then add a splash of colour to make them stand out and look cute.


Add colour!

If you are lucky enough to grab a pedicure at a local salon there are so many colour’s to choose from these days.

I overheard some ladies the other day asking if they were too old to wear a certain shade on their toes?

My answer would be no!  We often forget our feet as they are hidden away all winter in socks and boots. Therefore when they eventually come out for the summer it’s really lovely to celebrate and make them stand out!  Many women get into the habit of always wearing the same shade.

Ladies, there are so many wonderful shades of green, blue, purple and even silver….so I urge you to try a new funky shade and step out of your comfort zone.

Have fun!


Love your feet


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