Let’s Colour!

Ladies let’s look at colour!

Welcome to my first blog on colour analysis

Gosh I have so much to say. I have just finished colouring….yes I love that phrase, my latest client ( Manageress of a local ladies clothing store).  She thoroughly enjoyed it and was amazed at the new shades I have introduced her to.

For example she has rarely worn red and together we found this shade of red that was just stunning on her (as well as many other shades of lilac, apricot etc).

What is it?

For those of you who haven’t heard of colour analysis before, it’s a pretty clever way to find out what shades of colour really light up your face and more importantly which shades drag everything down. Everyone can wear any colour but finding the right shade is vital.

We rarely take a proper look at ourselves without make-up on and with our hair pulled back off our face.  That’s probably because we don’t feel that comfortable doing so. However this allows us to see your natural skin tone and eye colour. We start the process looking nice and natural 🙂

By using  precision dyed drapes I  will demonstrate which shades reflect the light for you. Clients are always amazed when I show them a colour which make their skin tone look clear, eyes are brighter and there are no shadows under the eyes and chin, the whole affect can be transformational.

Once you have had this done, I can then recommend how to add the colour into your every day wardrobe.

Ps .this does not change when you have a tan!!  All will become clear when you have it done.

I hope that helps explain a little bit about the process. I am always happy to chat about this or any style dillemas that you may have 🙂

                                                                                                                 Janine x

you can have this done on a individual basis, with a girlfriend or as a group 🙂

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