Adding a splash of colour to chase away those winter blues

Ladies why not add a splash of colour to lose those winter blues?



Ladies when you pick up a glossy magazine at the moment you will find most of them are showing us exciting new spring colours, but do you know how to wear the right colours?


Adding a splash of colour in the right way makes a huge difference to how we look and feel



Knowing how to layer with colour….





I am not suggesting that you run out and buy a pink suit, far from it. Try adding some simple touches to make a huge difference.


However knowing the right colour that suits you is vital. Part of my role as a stylist is helping you with colour analysis.


When you know which colours suit you it’s really easy to start building a wardrobe that works. I am sure many of you have so many random colours in your wardrobe and nothing goes! sound familiar? Then contact me for a personal colour analysis

Why not try a fab girls colour party at your home with your friends? you can have a colour analysis each….to find out more email me …

next time you look in your wardrobe…take note of the colours in there! or lack of it….

Janine x

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