Perfect White Shirt:

                                                     The perfect white shirt

The classic white shirt is an item that we all love to have in our wardrobe. It’s an easy item that you can wear to work, throw on at the weekend or dress it up.
It never really dates or goes out of fashion therefore it’s a fundamental item to have.
Personally I love a white shirt and always have. I used to live in them in my corporate days and still it’s one of those items I love with a jumper or even better with a good pair of jeans.



The trouble is that they are hard to find, well a good one. They tend to go off colour quite quickly and there is the issue with fitting. With different bust sizes and body shapes it often means the shirt rarely fits that well. I am sure you all know what I mean,  they can gape and show your cleavage, the shoulders can be too big, too short or long in the body.
I think I have found the perfect solution an Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt (PWS)
An Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt (PWS) is a bit like a little black dress as we all should have one in our wardrobe. The PWS has been made with the same craftsmanship, quality Italian fabric and passionate commitment to fit as a bespoke, but in a RTW, ready to Wear fashion

white shirt

I love a PWS because as a stylist they are really versatile, plus It’s classic, classy and timeless.
With an Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt there are 3 models within the range to ensure a good fit across the bust – this is key to a good fitting shirt
PRIMERO – If your dress size usually works for you when you purchase a shirt, then your PWS fit is PRIMERO
SEGUNDO – If you find that ready to wear shirts in your usual size are often too tight or gape across the bust, then your PWS is SEGUNDO
TERCERO – If you find that you need to go up a dress size or two to get the fit across your bust, then be prepared to be delighted with your PWS, TERCERO


corporate white shirt

More good news
The Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt is made in Britain.
They are in fact made in Brighton!  my home town, in a small workshop where one person is responsible for each garment from start to finish – unheard of in our industry!






The PWS is not just for the city, you can wear it in so many ways


white shirt images


white shirt cape
white shirt and jeans
The PWS is a timeless classic, therefore it’s worth investing in a good quality one that fits and feels fabulous
With an Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt you will love the quality and touch straight away. It will fit like a dream
Cost – £150
So why not treat yourself to an Eames Fernandez Perfect White Shirt today
Visit www.eamesfernandez.com  just select your size and model, enter the words SASSYSTYLE in the coupon to receive your 10% discount

With all quality items you sometimes need to pay a little extra but they last and the quality speaks for itself


Janine x


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