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Men’s styling

When we mention men’s styling, there are many women who say ” yes my partner so needs this” whilst many of the men would actually think ” I don’t need that”


It’s all about what we imagine styling or looking good to be …we may see this ?



With guys…it’s very similar to women when it comes to styling


There are lot’s of men who know what to wear and look great but there are also many who have no idea and get stuck in a rut…the same as women

At the end of the day blokes want to be blokes and many of them will associate styling and being stylish..as – well just not their cup of tea.

I think it’s about explaining that in order to look good you don’t necessarily have to dress like this


Of course this look is very polished and great but this could possibly turn many guys away. It takes a confident guy to dress like this- one who knows his style and how to put it together .but  more importantly he is comfortable. Of course it’s not for everyone as we are all different

For some guys getting a bit of a helping hand with their wardrobe can make a huge difference. Take a look at my before and after photos below







Before styling-  this single dad came to me for some help as he wanted to look a bit smarter. The clothes he was wearing were in his words “the outfit for playing with his son” but he wanted to look smarter when he went out and more importantly for busuiness


1. A good pair of smart, well fitted jeans

We worked together and started with good fitting jeans and tops that showed his shape. Dark jeans are generally smarter than light coloured ones. Most of his wardrobe was too big as he had actually lost a bit of weight ..this is what many people do, they live in their old baggy clothes. Which can really age you. Jeans are versatile and these days worn in the corporate world too.



2. Correct fitting

In his wardrobe he had a variety of great shirts BUT he required a new smart jacket. His old jackets did not fit him as the shoulders were so wide and they were generally very big. Some of his shirts were also too big on the shoulders and too long on the sleeves.

So many guys make this mistake, they can look like they have in fact borrowed a jacket, of course this would not create the right impression at an interview or in a business meeting.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look “polished” either. It’s all about learning how clothes should fit you and where to buy them. I teach you how to do this quickly and effectively.

My customer was so happy with the new look and pretty overwhelmed…he looked and felt great

Plus his confidence soared :0



3. Good shoes

Shoes are vital when you want to look smarter. You will see the classic black shoes we chose above, these are great for smart jeans and trousers and very versatile. Or you can try a brown pair like below..




Make sure your shoes are polished when you want to look smart..!!!

I was at Goodwood Races recently and was shocked how many guys had forgotten this. Also please remove your sticky labels from the bottom too 🙂




4. Details


It’s also about the detail-.whether  you want a better look for business or for an event- details are key. Those little touches can really make you stand out




5. Adding Colour 🙂

Guys look great in colour, how many guys look in their wardrobe and see black, grey blue and of course white? not many are confident and bold with pinks, mauves, pastels…You can add a splash of colour in so many ways

A wedding outfit or maybe  for the races?




It depends on how bold you want to be 🙂

or simply add a splash of colour in a shirt/jumper…you need to know which shades suit you to avoid looking washed out…


6. Being comfortable….



At the end of the day it’s about you feeling great, when you look good that comes easy.

should you require any further information on men’s styling

please call me on 07557 818103

Janine x..Sassy Style 🙂 


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